Who We Are

Hailing from Rochester, NY, The Chrissie Romano Band evolved from a desire to not only create original tunes, but to build on the rhythmic and musical foundation Chrissie, Ken and John developed on many recording and live gigs. Built on Chrissies songwriting, which is the perfect combination of storytelling and infectious melodies, the band surrounds the listener with a sound that is both fresh and at the same time traditional and organic. By taking a unique approach to their music, with a heavy focus on acoustic guitar and a tight, powerful rhythm section, they are stand outs in the current music scene.

"...a delightful Americana sound that is brought together by sincere life experience..."

"If you are a fan of the likes of Amy McDonald or the goddess-like (my words not hers) KT Tunstall then this is a song, and indeed an artist, that you are going to take to your heart without hesitation."

The bands current release, “Photo” is climbing the charts on independent radio stations around the country and has been receiving stellar reviews from numerous media outlets.

Chrissie Romano- Guitar/Vocals

Ken Romano - Bass/Vocals

John Pasquarella - Drums/Vocals

Chrissie Romano     |     John Pasquarella     |      Ken Romano